"Working with Dr. Kidwell has been such a blessing for our family! We started our official sleep training journey with her once my daughter turned 16 months old. We had tried a few sleep training methods on our own and had been unsuccessful. Dr. Kidwell was amazing to work with! She was very patient, understanding, and thorough. She gave us a step by step guide to follow, and was with us every single step of the way. The love, care, and kindness she poured into us was remarkable. She was truly as invested as we were in helping our entire household achieve better sleep. The entire time, and even still, feels like I was and am more than "just a client" to her. I cannot thank Dr. Kidwell enough for her services and support. I highly recommend her and her services!"

- Lacia, Mom to Leona (16 months)


"Allison held me accountable in a supportive and flexible way. She was very encouraging and truly seemed to care about our success! What a difference - we went from waking 2-3 times per night to nearly 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I'm very grateful for Allison and what she did for our family. She is a fantastic sleep consultant who is caring, flexible, encouraging, and real. She's a mom and she gets it!"

- Lauren, Mom to Lucy (10 months)


"Dr. Kidwell's help has been such a blessing for us. We were connected at just the right time in the parenting journey for our 3rd child, and I'm so grateful for her knowledge, patience, and experience. She really listened to what was important to our family when creating our sleep plan, and she was super responsive to answer questions before we began along the journey. Dr. Kidwell remained helpful, steadfast, and nonjudgmental the entire way. As a result, we saw our son make notable progress and I didn't feel I needed to sugarcoat the truth with her - I told her what was happening and she helped me troubleshoot or simply reaffirmed my decision making from the previous day/night. Her cheerleading style was perfect for us - upbeat, reassuring, and science based. Having her craft a plan for us to follow was exactly what we were looking for, and helped us feel prepared to take on the work. It wasn't always easy, but we felt supported by her throughout the journey. We couldn't be happier with Dr. Kidwell and are super grateful for her help!"

- Laura, Mom to Reid (14 months)


"Allison was fantastic and met with us virtually to discuss our family as a whole and then honed in on our baby. She asked what we were comfortable trying and I didn't feel any pressure to do anything I was uncomfortable with. The first few days, we had a lot of questions for Allison but after the 3rd or 4th day there was already a shift in our baby's behavior. We were/are so pleased with the result and don't know that we could have accomplished the same effect on our own without the support of being able to check in to address our concerns. Allison was not only knowledgeable but was our own personal cheerleader. We would certainly recommend her as a consultant to family and friends and can't believe the positive effect this has had on all of us."

- Bianca and Andres, parents to Nathaniel (11 months)


"Our daughter was by all accounts an extremely easy newborn. She slept and ate well, never showed signs of colic, and gained appropriate weight. Within a couple of weeks she started sleeping from 9:30 PM to 3:30 AM and stayed that way until she hit 8 weeks. That’s when things got messy for us. Our bedtime routine was approaching 90 minutes and dragging on to 10:00. She started waking 3-4 times throughout the night and wasn’t hungry. She would settle with her pacifier only to spit it out 45 minutes later and cry hysterically. By 11 weeks we’d had enough and reached out to Allison. We had a lovely Zoom call with Allison and she gave us some excellent advice that we implemented right away. We made some changes to our nursery and utilized the techniques Allison provided to encourage our daughter to self soothe. Within three nights bedtime was moved up to 8:00 with a 15 minute routine and about 10 minutes of fussing after we put her down. Within a week it was moved up to 7:00 with no fussing at all. We now have our evenings back to ourselves. We plan to work with Allison as our daughter hits different sleep milestones. It’s especially reassuring that she’s also a pediatrician so we thoroughly trust her expertise. We’re so grateful to have her guide us to full nights of sleep!"

- Jen and Kevin, parents to Morgan (11 weeks)